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05/24/2024Peter Earle: Inflation to the Nines
05/22/2024Mohamed El-Erian: The Fed’s Uniformity on Rates Comes With Risks
05/21/2024E.J. Antoni: Biden pretends rising food prices are not a problem
05/21/2024Steven Rattner: Biden’s Get-Tough-on-China Tariffs May Backfire
05/20/2024Conor Sen: The Cooling in Apartment Rents Won’t Last Long
05/19/2024Ed Yardeni: Market Call: From Dow 40,000 To Infinity & Beyond
05/19/2024John Tamny: Jared Bernstein’s 'Money Printing’ Critics Are Ridiculous As Bernstein
05/18/2024Komal Sri-Kumar: Too Soon For "Mission Accomplished!" - Don't Pop The Champagne Yet
05/17/2024William Dunkelberg: Employment Costs And Inflation
05/16/2024Michael Strain: What the AI Pessimists Are Missing
05/16/2024Alexander William Salter: April’s Disinflation Delivery
05/16/2024Veronique de Rugy: No, Politicians Can't 'Fix' Prices—and That's OK
05/16/2024Nathan Sheets: Investors should not tear up their playbooks over geopolitical risks
05/15/2024Peter Earle: AIER Everyday Price Index Rises for Fifth Consecutive Month
05/15/2024Kathleen Hays: Mester: April CPI Doesn't Change Outlook, More Evidence Still Needed
05/15/2024Bryan Cutsinger: Is The Fed Manipulating the Market?
05/14/2024Jeanna Smialek: Fed Chair’s Confidence in Slowing Inflation Is 'Not as High’ as Before
05/14/2024Peter Morici: American exceptionalism on full display in financial markets ... or is it?
05/14/2024Jed Graham: The PPI Has Good News For The Fed; S&P 500 Rises Ahead Of CPI
05/14/2024Nick Timiraos: Fed Chair Jerome Powell Maintains Wait-and-See Posture on Inflation and Rates
05/14/2024Allison Schrager: Higher for Longer? Rates Could Be Higher Forever
05/13/2024John Cochrane and Amit Seru: Preventing Bailouts Is Simple, but It Isn’t Easy
05/13/2024Kathleen Hays: Fed Faces Communication Challenge as Prices Stay High: George
05/13/2024Barry Eichengreen: The Dilemmas of the Dollar
05/12/2024Mickey Levy: The Dilemmas Facing the Fed, BoE, ECB, and BoJ
05/12/2024Ed Yardeni: The Week Ahead
05/12/2024John Tamny: Every So Often Ben Bernanke Reminds Us Why Economists Are So Dangerous
05/11/2024Komal Sri-Kumar: Economy Slowing. Inflation? No! Markets Run Ahead of Reality
05/10/2024Review & Outlook: Why Biden Is Losing on the Economy
05/10/2024Kathleen Hays: Plosser, Levy Urge Return to Pre-Emptive Fed Rate Moves
05/10/2024Liz Peek: Will the economy slow or fall off a cliff?
05/10/2024James Bianco: The total return strategy in bonds is far from dead
05/09/2024Ed Yardeni: The Recession Claim
05/09/2024Steve Rattner: Rate Cuts, A Dream Deferred
05/08/2024Arthur Laffer: 'I made a vow that I would never, ever work for a government again’
05/07/2024Ed Yardeni: Monster Trucks With Monster Bills
05/07/2024Stanley Druckenmiller: "Bidenomics: If I Were A Professor, I'd Give Them An 'F'
05/07/2024Peter Morici: The Fed should let Treasury yields rise and end its obsession with lower rates
05/07/2024Judy Shelton: Getting Monetary Policy Back on Track
05/06/2024Robert Woodson: DEI Has Failed. It’s Time for Something Better
05/05/2024Ed Yardeni: The Economic Week Ahead
05/05/2024John Tamny: Write It Down: Historians Will Conclude 2021-Present Was Not Inflation
05/04/2024Komal Sri-Kumar: Fed: Nonchalance Has Benefits!
05/03/2024Mickey Levy: The Fed’s Strategic Approach to Monetary Policy Needs a Reboot
05/03/2024Jed Graham: Jobs Report: Hiring Slows As Wage Growth Cools
05/03/2024Tyler Cowen: Economists Aren’t the Best at Predicting the Economy
05/03/2024Kathleen Hays: Bullard: Funds Rate Still Restrictive, Will Push Inflation Back Toward 2%
05/03/2024Ken Roberts: Aviation Exports, Car Imports Keep 2024 U.S. Trade At Record Pace ... Barely
05/02/2024Michael Boskin: Why Voters Are Unhappy About the Biden Economy
05/02/2024Greg Ip: Stalled Inflation Vexes the Fed. Is It Noise or a New Trend?